Deiadora by Phi Vernon.

Deiadora by Phi Vernon.

“The lovelution has begun! We are Awakening Fire to spread Unity in as many creative formats as possible and every single one of them is Perfect. And so are you.” // Deiadora

Welcome fellow creatives! I am so glad you’re here. The Awakening Fire is underfoot and is spreading quickly across the world as we rise up in our infinite creativity and share the fire burning in our belly. Through the transmissions that I have received (See Books & Music), I am embodying the new paradigm moment by moment and you can too! I want to co-create with you and I offer my gift of mentorship to you in the journey of Awakening Fire both as a mystery school and through one-on-one’s.

“What’s the Life you’ve always dreamed of? Can you imagine it? What does it feel like? You know! And by deleting old source code – the intention 88 Days: Prologue of A Light Traveler – and remembering your fourth dimensional being – the intention of Becoming Deiadora: Adventures of A Light Traveler – you ignite and reboot your system at a cellular level to awaken into the new energy of Creativity.” // Deiadora

Your first step is to receive your copies of the Adventures of Deiadora books (click here) and dive into their illumination to wake up the creative energy that is burning inside of you! Second, sign up for the upcoming mystery school and schedule your weekly one-on-one’s. I offer everything that I do as a gift. If you would like to support me, my children, and my work, you can click the Paypal button to the right >> and gift whatever your heart is leading you to.

Ask Deiadora: I Want To Be An Individual! But How?!

Yo Deiadora, I am so done with the whole codependency thing. After your last post, I was like, ‘Whoa! That’s a lot of codependence!’ It was like splattered all over my life in different areas (*every* area?)! Finance, relationships, with my lover, with the cashier at the grocery store. I just couldn’t see it until […]

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